About the actor



Terry Sweeney is a renowned diverse actor who has recently played the lead role in feature films St.Petersburg. Summer. Love  (Elliot) set in Russia,  The Man With Four Legs (Ethan)  Directed by Ed Christmas and Two Days In The Smoke Directed by Ben Pickering.

Terry’s latest role is in the new independent film Curiosity Kills (Lewis) filming in May 2014 a film written by Darren Ripley and Directed by Ben Pickering.


Terry is about to visit Russia to help prompt the cinematic release of St Petersburg, Summer ,Love.


Terry has played professional football for Plymouth Argyle and Luton Town and was the front man of indie rock band Nation. Terry also gives talks in schools, colleges and universities helping motivate young people in all areas of their lives.







What people are saying?

Minute by minute, Terry Sweeney is a joy, a force and an inspiration to work with. He will inject energy into a project and leave those who have worked with him better off for their encounter. He listens with his whole being; he is ever present and ready, with an astute, intelligent, inquiring mind, to bring his entire being and vitality to an acting challenge. He meets a director’s hopes with willing and courage, and an openness to be taken to the furthest corners of his capability.


Terry will make the most of an acting opportunity because he seeks only to continuously to grow as an actor. Terry is also a superb collaborator who can think on his feet, which is a gift not many others can boast. I look forward to many more projects with this very special acting and improvising talent.

Alison Trower-Director/Writer


Working with Terry reminds me of why I love making films. He is generous, thoughtful, creative, and utterly devoted to the role and all that comes with the exploration of the characters he plays. I’m very much looking forward to working with him again and could not recommend him higher

Ed Christmas Director & DOP


What strikes me most about Terry is this unique combination of a great experience during the rehearsals and filming, and an exceptional performance that is the result of the process. Terry is probably the most dedicated actor I’ve ever met. A superb professional, an amazing talent, and a wonderful person to be around and an inspiration for everyone else on the set. I am absolutely sure that he deserves working with the best directors on the most exciting material ever written, and am trying as hard as I can to be good enough to work with him again.

Andrey Khvostov, director, ‘Saint Petersburg’